National Cancer Survivors’ Day 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013 13:44 | Filled in Announcements

Today, 14 million American cancer survivors are celebrating that they are living full, productive, and joyful lives after being treated for cancer. Here’s my shout-out to family members and friends who are living fulfilling lives as cancer survivors:

My mom, Essie Neff (breast cancer); her brother, Isaiah Share (salivary gland cancer); my cousin Tracy Porter (brain cancer); my husband’s cousin Teddie Baer Tippetts (ovarian cancer); and my friends: Evelyn Harris (colon cancer); Susan Carrier (lymphoma); Susan Hedrick (breast cancer); Barbara Saldinger (bladder cancer); Elaine Jesmer (breast cancer); Nannie Collins (ovarian cancer); Charles Shotland (lymphoma).

And a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Vincent Hung of Pasadena, who removed a basal cell carcinoma from my face in 2011, leaving a dueling scar that you can barely see.

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